Auto Dealer Focus: Enhancing Efficiency and Profitability

  • Conducts comparison of current documents, records, and practices to manufacturer standards
  • Identifies areas of opportunity through report analysis, Repair Order review, facility tour, and personnel interviews
Utilize Our Experience to Improve Your Operation
  • Auto Dealer Focus shares the same business as you
  • Leverage our experience to enhace your dealership

Develop Improvement Plans with Auto Dealer Focus

  • SSI and CSI scores are crucial for OEMs, dealers and customers
  • Our CX experience includes automotive and non-automotive benchmarks
  • Let us help you retain a loyal customer base for repeat business and future profits

Real World Automotive Experience

  • Linda Hansen, and experienced coach and consultant will become a vital member of your leadership team
  • Elevate your business to the next level by utilizing Linda's expertise



  •     Improve Internal Communications
  •     Streamline Your Processes
  •     Eliminate Unnecessary Costs
  •     Increase Customer Loyalty, Increase Profits
  •     Consistent Training Tools for New Hires
  •     Employee and/or Customer Focus Groups
  •     Customer Follow-Up Programs
  •     Facility Reviews - Yours and the competition
  •     Service Selling Skills Training and One-on-One Coaching
  •     Phone/text/email skills - Communications training for all departments


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